Story telling is a VITAL part of our culture, our history and our way to connect the past to the present and vice versa!

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From Film, Written Word, Visual Arts and Live Theater, haRMFul Productions is DEDICATED to the talent of our future.

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Why 69 Flavors of Paranoia goes perfect with every horror reader’s taste…

Fictional Fun! Every delicious bite and crumb!

69 Flavors of Paranoia has thousands of calories of heart-clogging goodness crammed into every tiny, morsel-sized bite!  If horror and dark/urban fantasy are your dish, dig in and taste our rancid rainbow

69FoP is published six times yearly. From reheated leftovers to the moldy scum scraped from the back corner on the bottom shelf, we’re always hungry to please your pallet with the piquant punch of pure paranoia. To learn more about the history of the magazine and our dining table.

If you want a more savory taste of what we have to dish up, wonder over to the Wine Cellar and dig in on one of our special menus.


We’ve set the table—do you have our steak tar tare?

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If you like your comedy, sci-fi, action, adventure, crime, western and/or romance with a liberal twist of the horrific or fantastic, this is the place for you! We have an eclectic range of exotic tastes and we relish many delicacies. We have a real taste for the macabre.  Find out how to prepare and package your meal at the fiction and artwork submissions page, then send us your most devilish dish … we’re hungry. If you have a short movie or video you would like to submit, read our guidelines and submit here.

With an expiration date of 1999, we thought we’d cooked our last issue. But, thanks to modern preservatives, just the right blend of seasonings and just a hint of the ‘ol Witches brew, we were able to re-heat and serve up new gooey issues of 69 Flavors of Paranoia and serve them up every other month.

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Well, wash your hands first… I don’t want swine flu…

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